Falcons unveil new uniforms

The Falcons were planning on unveiling their new look next week, but since time has lost all meaning during the coronavirus outbreak, why not go ahead.

The team put out photos of the new look on the team website, featuring some stylistic changes including a prominent “ATL” on the fronts of the jerseys.

They also have new fonts for the numbers (which are kind of pointy but not as bad as the Buccaneers’ old alarm-clock digits), and a larger Falcons logo on the helmets, and silver facemasks.

“As you know, part of our promise as an organization is to listen and respond,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank wrote. “Time and again, we’ve heard you ask for new uniforms over the years, and in the spirit of our core values, we’ve listened to you and responded with what I know will be an exciting new era of Falcons football.”

The new Falcons uniforms will go on sale April 14.