Rakul Preet Tries The Handstand T-shirt Challenge

Actress Rakul Preet Singh on Saturday took part in the handstand T-shirt Challenge that is currently a rage on social media.

Taking to her Instagram account, Rakul posted a video that shows her wearing her T-shirt while doing a handstand. “Was just bored of wearing my tee the normal way#quarantinelife #weekendchallenge So here a task for all of you to do.. it’s like a super elevated plank , amazing for your core,” captioned the video.

Rakul then nominated actresses Rhea Chakraborty and Akansha Ranjan Kapoor to take up the viral challenge.

Earlier, actress Neha Sharma had tried the T-shirt Challenge, and her invited, model-sister Aisha Sharma, to take it up. Apart from this, amid the lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis, Rakul is helping over 200 families living in a slum close to her home in Gurugram.

The challenge gained popularity on social media last week when Spider-Man fame Tom Holland posted his attempt to put on a T-shirt while doing a handstand against the wall.

The actress along with her parents, Kulwinder Singh and Rajender, is sending packets of home-cooked food to them. “My dad figured this entire slum, where people are completely out of their basics. We are facilitating two meals a day for all those people and we have decided to do it till the time the lockdown is in place.

“If the lockdown gets pushed further, I will keep doing that. For now, I have committed till the month of April and then we will see depending on the situation. The food would be cooked at a place in my society and will be sent out to those people,” Rakul said.