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Types Of Drawing

Ask somebody who is into drawing to rate the method of drawing using hand and computer.  Most of them will say that both methods are equally important. Some may like to draw using their hand and some may like to depict their ideas using a drawing software. Though their preference varies, most of the people say that hand drawing and the computer drawing are equally important.

There are different types of drawing one need to know before becoming an expert in it.  Here are some of the important types and its explanation.

Life drawing: This is also called as figure drawing. Human figures are generally depicted as this type of drawing. Each expression of the humans is well expressed in the form of life drawing. Usually, the figure is drawn either by making the real character to sit by the side or by using the photograph of the person.

Emotive drawing:  The real emotions, feelings, and moods are depicted well in this type of drawing. One can understand the background or the situation of the one involved in the picture just by looking at it. In other words, the drawing gives the real feel of the character involved.

Sketching: It can be called as a rough drawing.  It is usually drawn immediately after seeing the object so that the artist does not miss anything out of it. As this is a rough drawing, it needs various enhancements to be made in it further using various drawing techniques.

Perspective drawing: This type of drawing involves the artists drawing a three-dimensional image on a surface like paper so that it gives a realistic look of the object.

Analytical drawing: This type of drawing involves the artist to divide their observation as various small parts. Each minor part is given a detail representation or a view. For example, this may be used in the construction of a machine or similar object.

The above are only very few categories in the drawing. Still, there are various types of drawings which can individually be explained as a separate article. Know more about the different type of drawing and excel in whatever you wish.