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Computer and drawing

As technology advances, many software applications are being developed to aid humans in various field. For example, e-commerce, mining, health, and fitness are some of the fields where one can find different software in use. Similarly, there is various software being used in drawing field. Though many people are involved in hand drawing as a hobby, it is also required in many professions like building construction and designing mechanical parts.

Consider a building construction. Everybody loves to design their own home. Gone are the days where the builder designs one’s home by understanding the desire. Today, we have various software which let us design our own home.

The software gives an opportunity even for a drawing novice to design their dream home themselves. One can very well design their entire house using different software and can provide a model to the builders to construct it for them.

Drawing Software that is used in profession can generally be divided into three categories

  • Bitmap drawing software: This type of software is based on pixels of the images. The color of the images can be changed by changing the color of the pixels. There are varieties of bitmap drawing software just to edit the image and some exist to create images and some of the software allows both creating and editing. Some of the bitmap drawing software are Adobe Photoshop, Corel paint shop, and Adobe fireworks.

This type of software is best suitable for general drawing and photo manipulation.

  • Vector drawing software: Creating and editing of the vector graphics can be easily done using this type of software. In contrast to the bitmap drawing software, the shapes are handled as mathematical formulae rather than considering the bits and pixels. The lines and shapes designed by this software are smoother and one can easily design curves in images. Some of the vector drawing software are Adobe Illustrator, Corel draws and Adobe free hand.

This type of software is best suitable for graphic designing.

  • CAD Software: This type of software is used when there is a need for technical illustrations and certain kind of precision drawings. For example, these are used in fields where it is required to design products like circuit boards and similar devices.

This type of software is used by engineers, architects, drafters and by other people who require similar work in their profession.

So, it is important to know which type of software will be useful for you to aid your work. Whether it is a drawing over free hand or a computer aided drawing, understand the importance of the drawing whether it is for personal or professional use.